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You would like to visit Grenoble on the occasion of the International Forum for Well Being 2022? This page was made for you!

Here you will find:

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Welcome to Grenoble!

Step up, invent possibilities, explore trends, push the limits, seize the moment… Welcome to Grenoble Alpes!


Nestled comfortably in its green and white setting, the metropolis of Grenoble is the heart of the Alps. The heart that beats to the rhythm of the seasons by revealing its riches and mysteries. As a leading technopole, a centre of innovation, it has over the centuries been able to attract talents from all over the world, who have nurtured the unique triptych that characterizes it: mountain, modernity, culture.


Yves Exbrayat, Director of the tourist office of Grenoble-Alpes Métropole

© Office de Tourisme Grenoble-Alpes Métropole

The Grenoble Pass


The Grenoble Pass is your ally to discover the city and its region: it has teamed up with the tourist places of the metropolis to offer you a simplified and unforgettable holiday!

It is intended for individual adults. You can choose the period of validity according to your stay: 24 consecutive hours, 48 consecutive hours or 3 days over a period of 7 days.

So, convinced? Book your Pass here: Grenoble Alpes-Métropole Pass

What to do in Grenoble

The Bonne eco-district, the first eco-district in France

Located in the heart of the city, on the site of a barracks and awarded in 2009, the Bonne eco-district was the forerunner in France of the energy efficiency of buildings and the technical means used.

Walking tour in French or English.

La Bastille: a balcony overlooking the Alps

Grenoble enjoys an exceptional natural environment. From the Bastille promontory, the guided tour offers a reading of the landscape, from the formation of the Alps to their conquest and protection.

Visit made on foot after a ascent by cable car to the Bastille (depending on the days and times of operation).

Fauna, flora and fort at La Bastille

Walking tour from Grenoble with a guide of medium mountain.

In French or English.

  • For further information: philippe@laerte.fr



A family village, Sappey-en-Chartreuse is just fifteen minutes away from Grenoble. The gateway to a legendary mountain range, this charming town located at an altitude of 1000 metres has retained its prealpine character, nestled in a forest and alpine environment.
The resort is part of the Chartreuse Regional Natural Park, renowned for its heritage and natural riches.



Self-guided hiking or guided by mountain guides

At the gates of the Vercors

Discover a millennial hydrogeological heritage! Classified as one of the “Seven Wonders of the Dauphiné” by the end of the Middle Ages, the Cuves de Sassenage cave attracted the curious of the region early on, inspiring many popular beliefs and legends.

Shaped millions of years ago by the underground river Germe, the cave Les Cuves offers an unusual underground visit. Its narrow passages, its Gallery of Flint or its impetuous river promise you an unforgettable trip to the center of the Earth! Little more, discover the legend of the fairy Mélusine, mysterious inhabitant of the cave, thanks to the sound and lights show. The access is made by a pleasant path that will reveal, by taking the other bank for the descent, magnificent points of view on the torrent of the Furon and its waterfalls.

  • Duration of the climb: about 15 minutes, 150 m of altitude
  • The car park is a 15-minute walk from the entrance of the site, with a 100-metre drop in altitude. Difficulty to walk: Sports cave with many staircases and some low ceiling passages. Possibility of caving or canyon tours, theme tours.
  • Information and reservation: 04 76 27 55 37

In Vercors: the village of Pont en Royans and the water museum

Dynamic village by its tourist attraction, nestled in a unique environment between mountain and river, offering a setting and quality of life appreciated by its inhabitants and visitors, Pont en Royans is a town with a strong cultural and heritage character located between Grenoble and Valence, in the territory of the Vercors Regional Natural Park.

In Trèves and Matheysine

Territory of seduction for lovers of authentic nature between countryside and mountain:

  • Monteynard Lake and Himalayan Gateways

Information and Reservations: The lake of Monteynard, a world apart (lac-monteynard.com)

  • The Terre Vivante ecological center (ecological gardens in the heart of a 50-hectare forest area)

Information and reservation: L’écologie pratique – Terre Vivante


Below is a list of the accommodations (Hotels and Appart’hotels) in Grenoble :

Accommodation Grenoble