Cled’12’s « live » pencil stroke is a guaranteed change of pace: during the plenary sessions, this cartoonist from Grenoble will sketch our exchanges,
for the better and for the laughter.

© Cled’12



Collective workshop from 4 to 4:30pm for a dismantling from 4;30 to 5pm: come try Batucada!

Animated by the BatukaVI troop


Venue: in front of Stendhal

Thursday, June 30th- 4:30pm : SUSPENSION POINTS

Suspension points: A participative radio journey in the public space, in the form of a poetic flashmob. An invitation to slow down between movement, sound immersion and living immobility.

By: Guillermo Manzo et Guillaume Douady.  

Venue : depart in front of Stendhal


Permanent exhibitions

Mobilising the Youth based on the SDGs

Within the framework of the European project Mindchangers, RESACOOP, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes network for international solidarity, and partners from 5 other countries are committed to working with young people and actors in their territories to design actions in favour of sustainable development objectives. The principle? In each partner region, associations and local authorities have co-constructed activities, documentaries and exhibitions with groups of young people aged 15 to 35, to raise awareness on climate change, migration and equality issues. Come and discover this European citizen project and the actions carried out in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes by some twenty associations and more than fifty young people committed to the future of the planet!


Venue: Simone Veil – Room 110

Inclusive sport for social cohesion in Grenoble

Since 2019, Humacoop-Amel France has been running a project to integrate socially vulnerable people in the Grenoble area through sport. In a few years, we have enabled a hundred or so people in situations of migration and social vulnerability to discover inclusive sports, thanks in particular to the many partnerships set up to achieve our objectives. This exhibition is an opportunity to highlight the sports actions carried out within the framework of the project « Grenoble solidaire, sportive et engagée! », winner of the regional call for Mindchangers projects. A selection of photos, taking stock of the different sports activities carried out in 3 years: Outdoor Sports Festival, Sports for All Festival, dance, basketball, rowing, hiking, climbing, cycling, etc.

Bt : Humacoop – Amel France

Venue : To be confirmed


« Jallalla »

The ‘living well’ or ‘well-being’. The concept is enshrined in the new constitution of the Plurinational State of Bolivia and constitutes an alternative for the people. The power of words, in the face of the destructive madness of humans! The windows are displayed. There is no object more profound, more mysterious, more fertile, more dark, more dazzling than a window lit by a candle. What can be seen in the sun is always less interesting than what happens behind glass. In this opening, dark or bright, lives life, suffers life, dreams life.

Bye : Horizon 19

Venue : Simone Veil – Room 111


Agro-ecology exhibition

Our countryside shows a changing world. Trièves Transition Ecologie wants to be the mirror of these transitions by meeting the actors of the Trièves agriculture, farmers first, but also craftsmen, transformers and traders in the second place. This translates into the realisation of portraits, published in the form of panels, which offer to share with the largest number of people the vision, the choices and the realities of the local actors of food.

Bye : CCFD – Terre Solidaire

Venue : Simone Veil – Room 111


The forgotten of the Greek islands, stories of crisis?

Following a three-month volunteer placement on the island of Samos in Greece, Bertille De Salins decided to create the comic strip « Les oubliés des îles grecques, histoires de crises » (The forgotten of the Greek islands, stories of crisis), which describes the daily life in the migrant camps on the Greek islands and assesses the impact of the pandemic on the work of the humanitarian actors working with them. Indeed, inequalities have been exacerbated by the pandemic, with a worsening of already precarious situations and a lack of adequate access to basic services: health, water and sanitation, housing, confinement for the sick, etc.
Exhibition of drawings from this comic book.

By : Bertille de Salins

Venue : Simone Veil – Room 112

The Cube – Photographs

By : Alain Doucé

Venue: Café Espace EVE


Photographic speaker « What does eating well mean to you?

Bye :Et pourquoi pas ? / Mix Arts

Venue : To be confirmed


« Here and there » (in France and in Romania)

This exhibition was created following a trip with partners (local NGOs) supported by CCFD-Terre Solidaire in Romania in 2017. With the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a common thread, the living conditions of Roma people (housing, health, education, work…)

By : CCFD – Terre Solidaire

Venue : Simone Veil – Room 109


8 documentaries shot in India and France for ODDATARA

Documentaries shot within the framework of the project. They are built around portraits of actors of the Social and Solidarity Economy committed to the SDGs in France, India and Peru.

By: Manuel-Antonio Monteagudo

Wednesday 29/06 4:30-6pm// Venue : Stendhal- Amphi 5 


Our common future: Young people in the North and South together for climate justice

An advocacy message from young people in West Africa and Auvergne Rhône-Alpes to act now against global warming and preserve their future

By : Peuples Solidaires des Monts du Lyonnais

Thursday 30/06 – 11:30-12:30am / Venue : Stendhal- Amphi 5 

What does living well mean to you?

Equipped with a recorder, we went to meet the inhabitants of Saint Martin d’Hères to ask them the same questions: What does « living well » mean to you? What are the conditions for living well? What prevents you from living well? After having collected a dozen testimonies, the participants met at the « Chantegraine » collective garden to film 3 workshops whose images accompany the words heard in the documentary, as a « down to earth » counterpoint to the thoughts expressed.

By : Perrine Garassus et Esilia Coulomme (conception, prise de son et montage), habitants de Saint Martin d’Hères (prises d’images, témoignages)

Thursday 30/06 4:30-5:15pm // Venue : Stendhal- Amphi 5


From one world to another

« Sumaj Kawsay » or « living well » is enshrined in the new constitution of the Plurinational State of Bolivia. The concept gives meaning to the emancipatory education and training actions carried out for 9 years by the Rÿch’ariy centre (centro education permanete) in a territory of 15 Quechua peasant communities in the Bolivian Andes. The film allows us to understand how to help a population evolve towards « living well »: in its human, economic, health and cultural dimensions, as well as in terms of peasant organisation. Is the « good life » an alternative for the people?

By: Michel Peyrat

Friday 01/07 11-12:30am / Venue : Stendhal- Amphi 5 


May again

The film compares May ’68 with certain current struggles. It will follow three actors of the May movement: Jacques Brissaud, Frédéric Pagès and Olivier de La Soujeole who had created a student press agency at the time. They meet again fifty years later to write a book, with the idea that many of the questions of the time have remained unanswered. And in 2018, the strike movements against the SNCF and university reforms, the women’s march, the climate march and the yellow waistcoat movement all resonate with their exchanges. Words intersect, as many ways of thinking, of living struggles, a desire for change, for revolution…

Bye: Marie-Dominique Dhelsing

Friday 01/07 3:15-5:15/ Venue : Stendhal- Amphi 5 

Festive evenings!

Open Stage and Belladoina concert - Wednesday, June 30th- 8:30pm

  • Open stage

As part of the International Forum for Well-Being and the Youth Greenoble Summit, Youth and Environment Europe, the largest independent coalition of youth climate organisations in Europe, is organising an open stage on Wednesday June 29th from 8.30pm at the Grenoble campus (espace EVE, 701 avenue centrale, 38400 Saint Martin d’Hères).

✨ What is an open stage?
It’s a great opportunity to get together and discover the talents that are hidden in each of us!
The principle: anyone can get on stage and perform for a maximum of 5 minutes.
Are you interested? This form is for you!

🎤 What can you do?
👉 Singing, circus, dance, music, theatre, poetry, rap, etc. All talents are welcome (within the limits of our technical provisions)!
Don’t panic: the simplest as well as the most impressive will have their place.
👉 You can perform alone or with others!
👉 The atmosphere will be friendly and warm so we invite you to dare and trust your many talents that we would be delighted to discover!

Please find via this link the enrolment form: ENROLMENT FORM


  • Belladoïna concert

Belladoïna, is clarinet, violin, viola, bouzouki, guitar, percussion, accordion and double bass! 5 musicians who play music with traditional accents: Klezmer and Balkan music.

Venue : Espace EVE

Gabriel Saglio's "Lua" concert - Thursday, June 30th - 8:30pm

« After many years under the name of Les Vieilles Pies, Gabriel Saglio continues his journey. Once again, surrounded by his brilliant musicians, he traces his path as a curious singer. After having explored the encounter with Mandingo Africa in his previous album, Gabriel Saglio surprises us and this time takes an interest in the music of Portuguese-speaking Africa. The powerful interpretation of this French singer with his characteristic voice meets the influences of Cape Verde, Angola and Guinea Bissau, giving his group a unique sound at the crossroads of French song and World music.

The result is a warm and lively concert with humanist lyrics.

Venue : Espace EVE

Arash Sarkechik concert- Friday, July 1st- 8:30pm

Multi-instrumentalist and singer, trained in classical music as well as jazz, Arash Sarkechik is a musician of the twenty-first century. Backed by the producer and oud player Smadj, he delivers a first album of luminous, personal and moving songs. It is a faithful reflection of Arash’s thousand musical journeys, but it does not fall into the collection of trophies or the enumeration of knowledge. With discreet touches, the East and the blues enter into a loving dialogue and open up unexplored paths. 
On stage, Arash welcomes the audience as if at home, singing into their ears and depicting the pictorial stories that pave the way for his poetic songs. They tell the story of today’s troubled world, but without pitying its details, they take a poetic height, a philosophical distance and sometimes an intimate diversions. But above all we discover an inspired and inspiring singer-songwriter.
Venue: Espace EVE