Overview of the 3 days programme

Wednesday, June 29th

8h30 Welcoming reception Stendhal
10h30 Forum Opening: host welcoming speech Stendhal
11h30 Plenary: Staying the course of a fair and sustainable society together Stendhal
12h 3-day programme presentation Stendhal
12h30 Break Diderot
13h30 International Youth Assembly Stendhal
13h30 Workshop Simone Veil
13h30 Scientific symposium Stendhal
16h30 #CQFD conference for the planet by Terre Solidaire Foundation Stendhal
16h30 Free exchange area Stendhal
18h Plenary: Inhabit the planet. For another relationship to life and our interdependencies Stendhal
20h Break
20h30 Open mic evening Espace EVE

* On June 29th, we will welcome young people aged from 12 to 25 who participate in the « young circuit ». More information available here.

Thursday, June 30th

8h30 Welcoming reception Stendhal
9h30 Roundtable discussion: The ecological and social redirection of enterprises. How to change the course of economic activities Stendhal
9h30 Roundtable discussion: Towards fair and sustainable agriculture and food. From territories to plates, from farmers to consumers… and vice versa! Stendhal
9h30 Roundtable: Deconstruct relationships of domination. For more equality with nature and between humans Stendhal
11h Break
11h30 Hub of Territorial and Organisational Indicators Stendhal
12h30 Break Halle Diderot
13h30 Workshops Simone Veil
13h30 Scientific symposium Stendhal
16h30 Free exchanges area Stendhal
18h Plenary: Consume less, consume better? Suffered sobriety, chosen sobriety… the challenge of changing consumption and production patterns Stendhal
20h30 Festive concert Espace EVE

Friday, July 1st

8h30 Welcoming reception Stendhal
9h30 Roundtable: Staying the course of a transition that leaves no one behind. Inequalities, social justice and environmental issues Stendhal
9h30 Roundtable: Legislative and regulatory levers in the change of course. Instruments of law, decision scales, citizen actions. Stendhal
9h30 Roundtable: Changing our relationship to resources and counting differently: place to natural entities. Stendhal
11h Workshops Simone Veil
12h30 Break Diderot
13h30 Workshops Simone Veil
13h30 Scientific Symposium Stendhal
15h30 Workshop: So what now? Opening the post-forum doors - 5 concrete invitations to take action Stendhal
16h30 Break
17h30 Closing plenary - Involve the greatest number of people Stendhal
19h Ending
20h30 Closing night: concert Espace EVE

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